Dear Brothers and Sisters

Calvary greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers for Afghanistan, I believe the Lord is already doing a mighty work there.

This week, we are praying for our joyful mothers. Ps 113:9.  Do you know any one in this category whose situation appears impossible?
Brethren, rejoice! again I say rejoice for the word of God says in John 1:37, ‘with God nothing shall be impossible’.
Even though there has been a waiting period, it shall surely come to pass Habakkuk 2:3

Lets remind God of these covenant promises as we remember our brethren that are waiting on God for the blessings of the fruit of the womb.

Prayer points
1.  Thank The Lord for keeping them alive to be a recipient of His blessings.
2.  Pray that God will perfect His healing in every area of their body.
3.  After God created us in  Gen 1:27, in verse 28, He commanded us to be fruitful and multiply and in verse 31, he looked at all He had made and He said it was good. Pray that whatever is hindering this commandment from being fulfilled in their lives will be revealed and destroyed.

In addition to our daily prayers, let’s stand together in our various locations on
Thursday from 10 to 11 pm.  Thank you and God bless you real good.

Enitan Idowu
Living Waters Intercessory Ministries.