Dear Intercessors

We praise. God for another wonderful week and we thank Him for the privilege of serving God and being able to call on Him.

I watched the April Holy Ghost Service on OHTV sky channel 199 and I was awed by the testimonies of the yoke of long standing barrenness broken in the lives of the testifiers. This cannot be a mere coincidence.  It is definitely the power of God!
One might ask ‘why then did they have to wait so long?’

There are obviously a lot of variables at play in every situation in life and we do not have the answers to some things but one thing we know is that OUR REDEEMER LIVES and He will surely remember His children. So let us pray for our brothers and sisters that are waiting on God for the blessings of the fruit of the womb.

Prayer points

1.  Thank God for our joyful mothers.
2.  When you have done all you need to do and the situation remains the same, start praising God!
3.  Thank and praise God for His word that will never fail. “He grants the barren woman a home, Like a joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord ! (Psalms 113:9 NKJV)”
4.  Thank and praise God that you will be alive to celebrate the great birth/s
5.  Thank and praise God for the laughter that God has given us.

We will testify to the glory of Godnin Jesus mighty name.

Enitan Idowu